Cleanroom Tacky Mats® by Liberty Industries

Cleanroom Tacky Mats® benefit a wealth of industries that perform delicate tasks in cleanrooms, sterile environments, including medical device manufacturing, aerospace, research laboratories, and food processing.

Placed at cleanroom entrances, Tacky Mats® trap contaminants from your employees’ footwear before they enter a clean environment. This does away with the cumbersome process of changing footwear upon entering and exiting the cleanroom or undergoing other, more time-consuming processes.

How to Install Your Cleanroom Tacky Mat ®

Tacky Mat® installation involves the following steps:

Select proper location and placement

Place Tacky Mats® (sticky mats) at the entrances of both the cleanroom and the cleanroom gowning area. Ideally, these mats should permit workers to take two to three steps through them before entering the cleanroom. This allows the mat to fully remove dirt and debris.

Identify and consider your surface

Tacky Mats® adhere best to smooth, nonporous, and moisture-free surfaces. This makes smooth vinyl flooring and tile as well as smooth epoxy-finished floors the most ideal choice for Tacky Mat® installation.

Prepare your surface

Make sure you install your tacky mat ® on a clean surface. After clearing the installation area of all residue, film, dirt, and debris, allow adequate time for the surface to fully dry before laying down the mat.

Mat installation

Start by placing two corners of the mat on the prepared surface. Make sure you slightly bend the mat up from the opposite end while keeping the remaining part of the mat fully touching the surface. Then, slowly and firmly press the mat to the floor, working widthwise from the two corners across the entire mat. After this, apply weight to the mat to ensure uniform distribution of the bottom adhesive.

Our Tacky Mat® Products

Tacky Mat® 800030

TACKY MAT® 800030Our most popular Tacky Mat®, the Tacky Mat® 800030 helps you meet sterilization standards without costing you a fortune. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets that use strong adhesive coatings to remove dirt on contact.

Super Kleen Tacky Mat®

Super Kleen Tacky Mat® The Super Kleen Tacky Mat® provides an additional layer of protection for cleanrooms that require a greater degree of sterilization. This Tacky Mat® catches more foot-borne contaminants than other models thanks to its unique contouring and resilient foam properties. It also lasts up to twice as long as other types of sticky mats.

Working with Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries offers a full line of essential cleanroom products and accessories. Our cleanroom solutions will produce an optimal environment for you to conduct cleanroom  processes.

If you would like to learn more about our offerings and services, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a free quote or additional information today.

Tacky Mat® is a registered trademark to Liberty Industries Inc.