Cleanroom Tacky Mats® by Liberty Industries

Tacky Mats® prevent dirt and contaminants from entering cleanroom environments. These mats consist of an adhesive surface designed to pull impurities from the bottom of footwear. Perfect for medical device manufacturing, research laboratories, aerospace manufacturing, hospitals, and food service facilities, Tacky Mats® allow workers to enter cleanroom environments without tracking dirt, dust, and other impurities into the area that could contaminate processes or products. At Liberty Industries, our Tacky Mats® are 100% Made in America.

What is a Tacky Mat®?

Tacky Mats® are also called cleanroom sticky mats that are designed to clean the bottom of footwear to prevent particulates and contaminants from entering designated cleanroom spaces. The surface of the mat consists of strong adhesive coatings and contoured patterns that pull the contaminants off of footwear as the worker walks across it. A Tacky Mat® boosts the efficiency of daily processes as workers do not have to spend time changing into disposable booties or shoes before entering the cleanroom area. With these cleanrooms mats, contaminants and particulates will not accumulate on the floor that could be drawn up onto work surfaces.

Our Tacky Mat® products include:

How To Install A Cleanroom Tacky Mat®

Tacky Mat® 800030

Our most popular Tacky Mat®, the Tacky Mat® 800030 helps you minimize footbourne contamination  without costing you a fortune. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets that use strong adhesive coatings to remove dirt on contact.

tacky mat for cleanroomsHow to Install Cleanroom Tacky Mat®

Tacky Mat® installation involves the following steps:

Select Proper Location and Placement

Place Tacky Mats® (sticky mats) at the entrances of both the cleanroom and the cleanroom gowning area. Ideally, these mats should permit workers to take two to three steps through them before entering the cleanroom. This allows the mat to fully remove dirt and debris.

Identify and Consider Your Surface

Tacky Mats® adhere best to smooth, nonporous, and moisture-free surfaces. This makes smooth vinyl flooring and tile as well as smooth epoxy-finished floors the most ideal choice for Tacky Mat® installation.

Prepare Your Surface

Make sure you install your Tacky Mat® on a clean surface. After clearing the installation area of all residue, film, dirt, and debris, allow adequate time for the surface to fully dry before laying down the mat.

Mat Installation

Start by placing two corners of the mat on the prepared surface. Make sure you slightly bend the mat up from the opposite end while keeping the remaining part of the mat fully touching the surface. Then, slowly and firmly press the mat to the floor, working widthwise from the two corners across the entire mat. After this, apply weight to the mat to ensure uniform distribution of the bottom adhesive.

Tips on Using Tacky Mats®

  • Best places for Tacky Mats®. To ensure cleanroom cleanliness, consider placing Tacky Mats® in front of cleanroom entrances and inside the cleanroom at gowning and staging areas.
  • Ensure Maximum Length of Tacky Mats®. The Tacky Mat® should be long enough so that a worker has to take a full 2-3 steps across. This length ensures that the mat has removed more debris from both shoes.
  • Reposition Tacky Mat® Vertically. If the Tacky Mat® is the size of a welcome mat due to space limitations, reposition the mat so that it is vertical to the door instead of horizontal. This position provides more walking room for the Tacky Mat® to pick up as many contaminants as possible from footwear.
  • Changing Disposable Sheets. Change out dirty disposable sheets when the older layer becomes too full of contaminants to properly clean footwear. The timeframe may be around 50 walkthroughs, although you may change it sooner based on the number of contaminants in the working environment, the number of workers treading across the Tacky Mats®, and if rolled carts come in contact with the mats that could pull off the adhesive coating.

TACKY MAT® 800030

Tacky Mats® from Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries provides a range of U.S.-Made Tacky Mats® for commercial, manufacturing, and industrial cleanroom environments. Our Tacky Mats® and other cleanroom solutions ensure processes and products remain clean and minimize cross contamination.  Browse our catalog to see our vast selection of cleanroom products, or contact us today to discuss our services.

Tacky Mat® is a registered trademark to Liberty Industries Inc.


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