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Liberty Industries has been a trusted expert in cleanroom and contamination control supplies since 1953. We are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the highest quality products for every cleanroom need. In addition to offering an extensive product range, we also provide customization services to tailor any standard product to your requirements.

With our custom cleanroom design and build services, we address diverse industry needs. Our team can develop a modular or portable design in either a hard wall or soft wall, equipped with all of the environmental control tools your application requires. The industries we serve range from medical to industrial, aerospace, automotive, and much more. Read on to learn more about our industry-specific solutions.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Cleanrooms are essential for safe pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. Within the pharmaceutical industry, these specialized rooms maintain a controlled environment by limiting the amount of airborne particles and maintaining desired temperature, humidity, and pressure levels. They are designed to limit cross-contamination, featuring surfaces that can be thoroughly highly effective HEPA air filters.

Medical Industry

Within medical and other types of healthcare facilities, establishing cleanrooms is becoming increasingly important. In these applications, cleanrooms function as a safe and secure space for critical patient care tasks, like protecting individuals with compromised immune systems. Cleanrooms used for patient isolation feature negative pressure that prevents airborne pathogens from spreading. Medical cleanrooms use HEPA filters and can indicate any pressure loss with an alarm.

In addition, the hospital industry builds clean rooms inside hospital pharmacies to deliver a high level of environmental control when handling temperature and humidity-sensitive medications and to ensure no cross-contamination occurs.

Government & Municipal Industry

Government agencies, including the Department of Defense, research labs, and manufacturing facilities, benefit from cleanroom products in many ways:

  • Research laboratories. Cleanroom products maintain cleanroom environments for research projects and experiments.
  • Government manufacturing facilities. The production of sensitive equipment and materials requires a well-maintained contaminant-free space.
  • Forensic facilities. Cleanroom products ensure forensic evidence is not contaminated during analysis processes.

At Liberty Industries, we address these needs with application-specific designs that can feature any desired intermediate compartment, such as a gowning room, air shower, or special equipment storage area.

Industrial Industry

Many industrial processes create a substantial amount of environmental pollution. Whether it’s from heavy-duty machinery or manufacturing equipment, controlling air pollution and contamination is important for adhering to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and manufacturing products safely and effectively. In other applications, industrial manufacturers must also take steps to prevent microorganisms, particulates, and pyrogens from contaminating their facilities and products.

Automotive Industry

Automotive cleanrooms are essential for research and development purposes, as well as component manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. Several levels of the automotive supply chain require cleanroom technology to protect temperature, pressure, and humidity-sensitive components. Today’s technologically advanced vehicles feature complex equipment, such as calibrated sensors, computer systems, and advanced safety features that require additional protection measures. Liberty designs the controlled environments needed to produce and assemble these parts cleanly and safely, reducing the risk of malfunction or failure.

University Industry

Educational institutions require cleanrooms for conducting research and experiments precisely and accurately. Departments such as science, engineering, agriculture, veterinary and medicine perform many tasks that require a controlled environment. Within these applications, cleanrooms protect sensitive equipment from being damaged by dust and other particulates. They also provide a secure, separate working area away from desks, study areas, or break rooms to reduce the risk of contamination.

At Liberty, we design cleanrooms for university environments that feature equipment such as particle counters, temperature and humidity testers, airflow volume, and pressurization test equipment, as well as many other tools based on application-specific needs. Our university industry solutions adhere to all relevant guidelines for safe laboratory design and are developed in collaboration with university faculty and research partners.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace cleanrooms serve many purposes, including providing a secure area for manufacturing and assembling sensitive, high-tech components like satellites, military equipment, and spacecraft. They ensure a precisely controlled environment to ensure the highest possible quality level and prevent potential catastrophic failures caused by contamination.

At Liberty, our aerospace industry cleanrooms prevent contaminants that range from fibrous materials to aerosol particles, chemical vapors, and much more. We incorporate equipment such as air showers, fire suppression systems, laminar airflow systems, electrostatic discharge products, as well as virtually any other tools your application requires. Our aerospace solutions are manufactured to adhere to ISO 14644-1:2015 standards.

Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry performs many essential tasks in cleanrooms, from establishing highly controlled microclimates to winterization, distillation, extraction processes, and much more. In fact, this industry features many of the same cleanliness needs as the pharmaceutical industry and requires particulate control that adheres to FDA requirements. Cannabis cleanrooms and cannabis air showers also have specialized needs, such as preventing cross-strain pollen contamination, mites, and microbial contamination. At Liberty, we develop custom solutions that meet all of these needs while also facilitating reliable temperature and humidity control. Our cleanrooms filter out chemical vapors, dust, microbes, and other airborne contaminants for more reliable cannabis production.

Cleanroom & Contamination Control Supplies by Liberty

Preventing contaminants from disrupting manufacturing processes is an important concern for many industries. At Liberty, we offer regulation-compliant cleanroom solutions that reliably protect sensitive processes. As an industry leader in cleanroom and contamination supplies, we offer the most comprehensive range of products for solving critical environmental needs. For more information on how we can meet your application’s needs, reach out to our team today.


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