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Cleanrooms require an ability to keep the space free from contaminants to avoid compromising critical work. Maintaining that level of sanitation requires specialized products, equipment, and procedures collectively known to most as lab or cleanroom supplies.

For example, personnel must disinfect their gear and bodies before entering the room. Additionally, targeted sanitation processes sterilize the room starting from the top and ending at the bottom. Any elevated particles that get knocked down while cleaning will get removed when cleaning the floor. Cleaning solutions that remove dirt and microbes without damaging delicate equipment and materials are an essential part of cleanroom operation.

Liberty Industries is a premier manufacturer and distributor of cleanroom supplies. We’ve been developing contamination control solutions and lab supplies for more than 70 years. We provide everything you need, from wipes and cleaning solutions to full modular cleanrooms, air showers, and shoe brush machines, to maintain your ISO-classified cleanroom.


Supplies & Accessories for Cleanrooms

Every cleanroom classification has different requirements and considerations that depend upon the type of work happening inside. In general, you will need some version of the following cleanroom supplies:


It’s essential to wipe down surfaces regularly using wipes and sponges designed especially for cleanrooms. These wipes are often manufactured in a cleanroom, as well, and certified for use by cleanroom classification. Softer than a traditional wipe, these wipes won’t break down or leave fibers behind. Some designs resist certain chemicals or other substances, while others are highly absorbent or formulated not to leave a residue. Wipes are available in wet and dry varieties.

The application will help to determine the proper type of wipe. While some environments require the removal of dust and particles, others are more concerned about microbial contamination. For example, pharmaceutical and biotech cleanrooms prioritize disinfection, so wipes in these cleanrooms focus on sanitation properties. Conversely, in electronics, dust is detrimental, making it essential to use wipes that won’t leave fibers behind.

Liberty Industries produces numerous varieties of wipes to serve the needs of different cleanroom operations, along with our GRAB-EEZ™ wipe dispenser. The GRAB-EEZ dispenser makes it nearly impossible to grab more than one wipe at a time, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. It mounts on the wall or countertop for easy and secure access.

Our portfolio of cleanroom wipes includes:

  • Econowipe
  • Miracle Wipe
  • Wet Wiper WW07
  • Libwipes
  • Techni Cloth
  • Maxi-Wipe
  • Poly Foam Wipe
  • Microscrub Cloths
  • Absorbond
  • Crew® Wipers
  • Cleanroom Lint Mitt


Personnel working in cleanrooms must wear appropriate clothing to minimize the risk of introducing contaminants to the room. People shed hair, skin, microorganisms, and other potential contaminants. To that end, specialized apparel protects the person from whatever they will encounter in the lab and also protects the lab from potential human contaminants.

The most appropriate type of protective clothing for a cleanroom depends mostly on its classification:

  • ISO-3/Class 1: This is the strictest classification, requiring the highest level of precaution. Those who enter the space should wear gloves, face masks and goggles, boot covers, coveralls, an intersuit beneath the coveralls, a bouffant cap, and a hood. Cleanroom users should change these items each time they re-enter the cleanroom.
  • ISO-4/Class 10: This classification has the same clothing requirements as Class 1.
  • ISO-5/Class 100: This cleanroom requires all protective gear except the intersuit. Users should change clothing daily.
  • ISO-6/Class 1000: These cleanrooms do not require hoods, goggles, or intersuits. Users should change protective clothing at least three times per week.
  • ISO-7/Class 10,000: In this cleanroom, users should change bouffant caps, frocks/lab coats, shoe covers, face masks, and gloves at least twice per week.
  • ISO-8/Class 100,000: This is the least strict classification and has the same requirements as Class 10,000.

Even in cleanrooms with less strict regulations, avoid clothing that could contribute to contamination. That includes sweaters that may shed fibers, static-prone materials, or clothing that exposes a lot of skin. It’s also essential to contain hair and avoid wearing makeup. It’s critical to always clean shoes or put on shoe covers before entering any cleanroom to prevent tracking in contaminants.

Liberty Industries offers cleanroom apparel to meet classification requirements:

Additional Supplies

Different classifications require specific cleanroom supplies and cleaning procedures. A Class 10 cleanroom will likely need cleaning more regularly than a Class 10,000 cleanroom and may require a more thorough approach. The cleaning team should dress appropriately when entering the cleanroom and have the products and equipment that your unique space needs. HEPA filter vacuums, Tacky Mats®, mops, wipes and swabs, and the appropriate disinfecting sprays and solutions are generally essential.

At Liberty Industries, we offer cleaning supplies such as:

Hand Sanitizers

Many industries and facilities use hand sanitizers, from cleanrooms to schools and grocery stores. While hand washing is still preferred, hand sanitizers containing 60-70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol eliminate most viruses and bacteria. This capability makes hand sanitizers a useful supplement to regular handwashing. For those who sanitize their bare hands frequently, a germicide with a moisturizer can help protect the skin from over-drying; those who use these products over their gloves may need a different sanitizing formula.

As with handwashing, it’s essential to be thorough when using hand sanitizer—the alcohol can only kill the contaminants it touches. Atomizing solutions sprayed on the hands may offer more comprehensive coverage than the regular hand-rubbing distribution of a foam or gel sanitizer. Within cleanrooms, in particular, touchless dispensers provide an effective means to keep hands sanitized. Liberty Industries produces several hand care lotions and sanitizers, as well as automatic dispensers.

tacky mat for cleanroomsLab Supplies

Laboratories often require specific cleaning supplies and specialized sanitary equipment. These items may include:

  • Tacky Roll Mop. With an adhesive surface and telescopic handle, the Tacky Roll Mop removes dust and lint from walls, ceilings, and floors — including hard-to-reach corners. The 18” disposable tacky sheets are perforated and easily removed to reveal a fresh sheet.
  • Flex Shield Curtains. Flex Shield Curtains provide cleanroom enclosures or extensions to a Laminar Flow Hood. We provide Flex Shield Curtains in five thicknesses and solid, strip, clear, or anti-static varieties.
  • Seal Tech™ Systems. After anchoring the mounting channel, this innovative system allows easy installation and replacement of panels.
  • Tacky Mat®. Our Tacky Mat® has been containing and controlling contamination on cleanroom floors for more than 40 years.
  • Cleanroom Maintenance Kit. This kit covers the basic requirements with a Cleanroom Maintenance Primer, a Tacky Roll Mop with three refills, six L-10 sponges, a 14” sponge mop, wipes, a cleanroom bucket, and an 18” x 36” Tacky Mat®, and more.

About Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries is a premier provider for soft- and hard-wall modular cleanrooms, as well as all the cleanroom filters, furniture, and supplies you need to maintain a cleanroom environment and uphold your ISO classification. We can provide third-party testing and certification upon request. To see how we can help you maintain a hygienic environment in your cleanroom, please contact us or request a quote today.


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