Cleanrooms For The Cannabis Industry

Liberty Industries has been a manufacturer and distributor of quality cleanroom and contamination control products throughout the globe since 1953. Liberty offers a wide range of cleanroom products. Whatever your environment needs are, it only takes one call to Liberty.

Cleanroom requirements for the cannabis industry are very similar to those of the pharmaceutical industry with some additional challenges unique to the industry. Cannabis cleanrooms must combat several unique contamination sources, including pollen contamination between strains, mites, and microbial growth. Liberty Industries can help cannabis growers comply with strict handling standards by providing quality supplies.

Cleanrooms For The Cannabis Industry


What is a Cleanroom?

To create a cleanroom environment, contaminants like dust, airborne microorganisms, and aerosol particles are filtered out in a cleanroom. Cleanrooms also regulate factors like humidity, temperature, and airflow.

Before entering a filter system, the outside air is cycled through a HEPA ( high efficient particulate air) filter system. The outside air is decontaminated according to the filter’s parameters and pushed into the cleanroom. In essence, cleanrooms purge impurities, particulates, and toxins from the ambient outdoor air.

The cannabis industry has created the need for high-quality, robust cleanrooms that withstand harsh conditions. Cannabis cleanrooms must control particles (and their sizes) to meet Health Canada, the FDA, and the EU GMP requirements.

Impact of Cleanrooms on the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis cleanrooms are quickly becoming a necessity to create success for commercial growers. High-quality cannabis plants require an environment free of the following contaminants:

  • Aerosol particles
  • Dust
  • Airborne microbes
  • Chemical vapors

A cleanroom’s controlled environment can produce higher-yielding, healthier crops than can be grown in traditional grow houses, outdoors, or greenhouses. This fairly new billion-dollar industry has created the need for high-quality, strong cleanrooms that can stand up to the harsh working environment within the fast-paced cannabis industry. Cleanliness standards like ISO 5 and ISO 7 affect the growing process as growers try to develop quality products through cleaner, safer handling of cannabis plants throughout their life cycle.

Maintaining an ISO 5 to ISO 7 class cleanroom certification and complying with the FDA’s regulations on growing cannabis by operating in a cleanroom can lead to higher crop yields and help protect your workers and clients from any safety issues.

The cannabis industry is growing exponentially as state laws change to permit commercial growth. Because of this rapid growth, industry experts are working to reduce the environmental impact cannabis farming imparts. A well-designed cleanroom can effectively reduce the impact your growing operation has on the environment.

Cleanroom Products Available From Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries designs and manufactures cleanrooms and other supplies to meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry. As proven global leaders in cleanrooms for pharmaceutical, health, and food processing, we produce hardwall, softwall, and modular cleanroom systems to meet FDA, EU, USDA, CGMP, and USP 797/800 standards. We also supply an extensive selection of fans, filters, cleanroom furniture, cleanroom components, and other cleanroom supplies.

Browse our catalog of cleanrooms and cleanroom supplies to help you grow healthy cannabis products.

Choose Liberty Industries for Your Cannabis Cleanroom

Cleanrooms have recently become a requirement in the highly competitive and fast-paced cannabis industry. Liberty Industries has manufactured hundreds of cleanrooms for various industries since 1953. We understand cannabis manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to meet strict deadlines and adhere to rigorous safety standards. With our extensive knowledge of cleanroom environments and the strict cannabis growth requirements, we can advise you on what you need for your cannabis cleanroom. With our modular cleanroom, cannabis growers can launch quickly and then make any necessary modifications later on as the business grows.

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