Cleanrooms for Cannabis Industry: Air Showers

The use of cleanroom technology is crucial in cannabis production to ensure that the cannabis production environment is free from contamination. Adding an air shower into a cleanroom or cannabis grow room maintains is an effective method to maintain a contaminant-free production environment.

They prevent contamination of harmful particles that may adhere to the workers’ garments or clothing. Continue reading to learn more about air showers for cleanrooms for the cannabis industry.


What is an Air Shower?

An air shower is a pass-through designed to blow contaminants off personnel or materials before entering a cleanroom. They are generally installed at the entry of a cleanroom, where they minimize entry and exit of particulate matter into a hemp or marijuana grow room.

As personnel enter the air shower, it is sealed to create an air barrier. Jets then eject high-pressure, HEPA-filtered air to remove particulate matter from the individual’s clothing.

Impact of Air Showers on the Cannabis Industry

Many cleanrooms use a standardized “class rating” depending on the number of airborne particles allowed into a single air cubic unit. Many cannabis cleanrooms maintain ISO 7 standards, which allow a maximum of 10,000 particles per cubic meter.

The addition of cleanroom air showers can reduce the entry of foreign particles that may cause significant problems into the grow room.

Air showers use high-pressure air jets in an enclosed space where they blow off particles like mites, dandruff, and other contaminants from the workers’ clothes. Using air showers along with the requirement to wear PPE reduces human contamination significantly.

Benefits of Air Showers in the Cannabis Industry

Air showers provide an extra layer of protection for your cannabis, protecting them from any particles or contaminants entering the cleanroom. Here are other benefits of installing an air shower in your cannabis cleanroom:

Ability to Allow Large Items to Pass Through

Cleanrooms for cannabis require large air showers to accommodate the transportation of pallet jacks and carts. These large items have crevices and cracks that may harbor plant materials and debris..

Maintains Tighter Air Pressure Control

When an air shower door opens, air exchange and pressure equalization result in air jet streams and turbulence. If there’s negative pressure, spores may be sucked into the grow room from the outside. It may also result in temperature variation, increasing the humidity levels.

However, an air shower eliminates temperature and pressure fluctuation since it has two doors that separate the cleanroom and the open space.

Reduce Temperature Fluctuation

Constant temperature changes can affect air exchange rates. Air showers allow cannabis cleanroom users to maintain a constant temperature by introducing HEPA-filtered air and eliminating contaminant-borne air.

Stabilizes the RH Readings

Uncontrolled airflow can influence air makeup and temperature. Adding an air shower into a control room gives you better control over the air input and output, maintaining a constant airflow pattern.

How does Air Shower Work?

Air showers use high-pressure air jets that cause the garments to shake vigorously, dislodging any particles clinging to them. The air released from the pressure jets is HEPA-filtered, which captures 99.99% particulates 0.3 microns or larger.

Once an individual enters the air shower, it triggers high-pressure air jets. The room has dual-locking doors or airlocks. These doors cannot open at the same time. When an employee enters the room, the door from the outside locks while the one from the cleanroom ends and remains unlocked for entry. An air shower can have a passcode reader or key cards to prevent unauthorized entry.

Air Shower Products Available from Liberty Industries

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Choose Liberty Industries for Your Cannabis Air Showers

The inclusion of cleanrooms in cannabis growing has gained popularity and improved production quality. Air showers guarantee optimal environments to scale cannabis production in cleanrooms. If you need quality air showers for your cannabis cleanrooms, look no further than Liberty Industry. As a leading cleanroom supplier, we guarantee the best air showers compatible with your use.

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