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Cleanrooms are highly controlled environments that must be free of contaminants to protect critical work. Maintaining the level of sanitation they demand requires specialized products and procedures. For nearly 70 years, Liberty Industries has been a trusted global manufacturer and distributor of uniquely effective cleanroom supplies. Our range of product offerings includes everything you need to operate your cleanroom or laboratory environment safely and effectively.


Cleanroom Supplies

Each cleanroom classification has different requirements and considerations that vary based on the type of work they involve. In general, however, all cleanrooms require supplies such as wipes, specialized apparel, and other cleaning supplies.

Wiping down surfaces regularly is essential in cleanroom environments. Wipes or specially designed sponges that are certified for use by cleanroom classification are most commonly used. These specialized tools are softer than a traditional wipe and won’t break down or leave fibers behind when used. Certain wipes are designed to resist chemicals or other substances or to feature high absorbency. Cleanroom wipes are available in both dry and wet varieties.

Workers in cleanrooms require specialized clothing designed to minimize the risk of introducing contaminants into the room. Since people easily shed hair, skin cells, microorganisms, and other potential contaminants, protective apparel products are needed to form a barrier between workers and the objects they encounter in the lab.

Liberty Industries offers many types of cleanroom apparel that are manufactured to meet various classification requirements. Our product offerings include:

Additional Supplies
Different cleanroom classifications require varying cleaning procedures and supplies. For example, a Class 10 cleanroom will need cleaning more regularly than a Class 10,000 cleanroom, and may also require a more thorough sanitation approach. Cleaning personnel should dress properly when working in a cleanroom and have the appropriate products and equipment that your space requires.

To meet these needs, Liberty Industries offers products such as Tacky Mats®, HEPA filter vacuums, wipes, mops, and swabs, as well as disinfecting sprays and more. Our range of cleaning supplies includes:


Lab Supplies

Laboratories require specific cleaning supplies and specialized sanitary equipment. Liberty Industries offers many solutions for these environments, including handheld and portable particle counters, Flex Shield curtains, maintenance kits, and more.

Tacky Roll Mop
Featuring a highly adhesive surface with a telescopic handle, the Tacky Roll Mop can remove lint and dust from any surface, including walls, floors, and ceilings. Even hard-to-reach corners are easily and thoroughly cleaned using this product. The Tacky Roll Mop features 18-in. disposable tacky sheets that are perforated for easy removal, revealing a fresh sheet underneath.

Flex Shield Curtains
Flex Shield Curtains can be used to create cleanroom enclosures or extensions to a laminar flow hood. Liberty Industries offers Flex Shield Curtains in several different thicknesses, as well as strip, solid, anti-static, and clear options.

Seal Tech Systems
These innovative hardware systems make panel installation and replacement simple. After the mounting channel is anchored to a wall or ceiling, curtains can be secured easily, with no further nuts or bolts required. We offer Seal Tech Systems for a variety of seal types, including in-jamb, flatwall, and T-bar ceilings.

Tacky Mat®
Our Tacky Mats® have been used to contain and control contamination on cleanroom floors for over 40 years. Available in multiple varieties, these products offer added protection for environments that require a high degree of contamination control.

Cleanroom Maintenance Kit
Developed to cover all the basic cleaning requirements, Cleanroom Maintenance Kits from Liberty Industries include:

  • Cleanroom Maintenance Primer
  • Tacky Roll Mop with three refills
  • Wipes
  • One 14-in. sponge mop
  • Six L-10 sponges
  • 18 in. X 36 in. Tacky Mat®
  • Cleanroom bucket

Cleanroom & Lab Supplies by Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries offers all the cleanroom supplies & lab supplies you need to maintain a hygienic environment, no matter how demanding your application is. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of contamination control supplies, our online catalog features top-quality products for all types of critical environments. Our experienced staff can help you identify the most effective products for your classification standards. For more information, contact our team or request a quote today.


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