Cleanroom Pass-Thrus

For more than six decades, Liberty Industries has been a global expert and industry leader in cleanrooms and contamination control, including products such as our pass-thrus. We have a history of excellence serving various industries, from aerospace to pharmaceutical to precision manufacturing, and we understand the unique implications of cleanroom classifications and regulations in applications across these diverse spaces.

Our skilled engineers are available to help you customize our entire range of standard cleanroom products and accessories, including hard- and soft-wall cleanrooms, air showers, laminar flow benches, storage cabinets, glove boxes, pass-thrus, and more.

Our team knows that the purity of cleanroom environments is crucial to the successful manufacturing of mechanically and biologically sensitive products like medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and electronics—and that air quality is an essential element in this endeavor. That is why we offer a variety of highly customizable pass-thru systems to limit contamination and address the needs of any application.


What Are Pass-Thrus for Cleanrooms?

A pass-thru—also known as a pass-thru chamber, cabinet, or window—is a two-door, airlock compartment that is used to transfer materials between a cleanroom environment and another space without depressurizing the cleanroom, allowing dirty air to enter the area, or otherwise compromising the air quality.

Floor- or wall-mounted pass-thru enclosures utilize a set of interlocking doors to prevent the cleanroom and uncontrolled environments from accessing the transfer cabinet at the same time. Because cleanrooms rely on filtered, positive pressure air to regulate particulate presence and maintain environmental purity, pass-thrus are a critical component in minimizing contamination risk and preserving the cleanroom environment.

Pass-thrus can increase cleanroom productivity and ensure environmental sterility. They do this by reducing the need for human traffic entering and exiting the space—which cuts down on time and materials costs related to putting on a gown and showering—and protecting the cleanroom environment from exposure to unfiltered air and damaging contaminants. They are affordable, simple to install, and easy to maintain. Pass-thru chambers can be customized to meet the industry standards required for any cleanroom environment, allowing for modifications to size, material construction, and added safety features like high-efficiency filters and fire-rated doors.

Our Products Available for Cleanroomspass thru for cleanroom

Liberty Industries offers several pass-thru models designed to accommodate the needs of diverse cleanroom applications across a range of industries. Our product line includes:

  • H-100SS Stainless steel pass-thrus are constructed from 304 #4 stainless steel with acrylic viewing windows and stainless steel hinges. They can be customized to include an interlocking system, fire-rated doors and motorized with HEPA filtration, uses high-velocity air wash and high-efficiency filters to achieve 99.99% filtration. Stainless steel pass-thrus can also be manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any application.
  • H-100SSEML Stainless steel pass-thrus with magnetic interlocks offers advanced security to ensure quality in sterile environments such as hospital pharmacies. These 304 #4 stainless steel cabinets use a magnetic interlocking mechanism to prevent cleanroom and exterior doors from being opened simultaneously to prevent cross-contamination or depressurization. We offer the option of motorized w/ HEPA filtration;  uses high-velocity air wash and high-efficiency filters to achieve 99.99% filtration.  Manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any application.
  • H-100 PL Laminated pass-thrus feature novaply high-pressure laminated plastic with acrylic doors and chrome-plated hinges to ensure protection from contaminants. A stainless steel interlock system can be added to the chamber for additional security. Manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any application.
  • Motorized HEPA/ULPA-filtered pass-thrus uses a high-velocity air wash and high-efficiency filters to achieve 99.99% filtration. They are manufactured using durable laminated novaply, stainless steel, or CRS, and can include fire-rated doors, air recirculation, and perforated stainless steel shelves. Manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any application.

Pass-thru chambers play an essential role in maintaining your cleanroom environment’s quality and cleanliness standards by allowing for the safe transfer of materials between the cleanroom and uncontrolled exterior spaces. By limiting the frequency with which personnel need to enter the cleanroom space, these airlock chambers minimize potential exposure to contaminants while improving operational efficiency and promoting product integrity.

As a manufacturer and distributor of cleanroom and contamination supplies for more than 60 years, our team at Liberty Industries understands the importance of every component and piece of equipment that goes into your cleanroom environment. To learn more about our pass-thru systems, discuss the customizations needed for your application, or find out how our products and services can improve your cleanroom environment, contact us, or request a quote today.


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