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  1. Positive Air Pressure Cleanrooms vs. Negative Air Pressure Cleanrooms

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    As a manufacturer and distributor of top-of-the-line cleanrooms and contamination control products, Liberty Industries, Inc. serves as a one-stop shop for all cleanroom needs. Our expert team assists in every aspect of cleanroom creation—from design to construction and assembly—to provide custom-tailored solutions to a wide range of industries. Whether a customer requires a standard or highly specialized area; a positive air pressure cleanroom or negative air pressure cleanroom, we can meet their needs.

    Positive Pressure vs. Negative Pressure Cleanrooms: Similarities and Differences

    When planning or preparing for a cleanroom installation, one of the most significant design considerations is whether it features a positive air pressure or a negative air pressure configuration. This factor relies heavily on the specifications of the intended application.

    Positive Air Pressure Cleanrooms

    A positive air pressure cleanroom has an air pressure level that is greater than that of the surrounding environment. This is achieved through the use of an HVAC system, which pumps clean, filtered air into the structure. When the door of the cleanroom is opened or if the cleanroom experiences a structural breach, the pressure disparity forces the clean air out rather than allowing unfiltered, potentially contaminated air in.

    Positive air pressure cleanrooms are most commonly used in applications where keeping contaminants—such as dirt or debris—away from the contents of the cleanroom is critical. For example, it can be used to protect immunocompromised patients in hospitals or sensitive products such as microchips during the manufacturing process.

    Negative Air Pressure Cleanrooms

    In contrast to a positive air pressure cleanroom, a negative air pressure cleanroom maintains an air pressure level that is lower than that of the surrounding room. This condition is achieved through the use of an HVAC system that continuously filters air out of the room, pumping clean air into the room near the floor and sucking it back out near the ceiling.

    Negative air pressure cleanrooms are used to keep contaminants contained within the enclosed work environment. If opened or breached, the pressure disparity forces air into the cleanroom, preventing contaminants from escaping. For the room to function properly, all windows and doors must be fully sealed and outtake filters must be installed.

    This type of cleanroom commonly finds application in the biochemical, pharmaceutical, or medical industries. Industry professionals use it as an isolation chamber when testing or working with potentially harmful compounds and separating contagious patients to help prevent the spread of illness.

    Similarities Between Positive Pressure and Negative Pressure Cleanrooms

    Although the functions of positive pressure and negative pressure cleanrooms are quite different, they are some similarities between the two. For example, both types require the use of:

    • Powerful HEPA filters, which, along with the other HVAC system parts, need careful maintenance
    • Self-closing doors and properly sealed windows, walls, ceilings, and floors to facilitate the maintenance of appropriate air pressure levels
    • Multiple air changes per hour to ensure proper air quality and pressure conditions
    • Ante-rooms for employees to change into the required protective clothing and deliver the necessary materials and equipment
    • In-line pressure monitoring systems

    Leave it to the Experts at Liberty Industries to Design & Construct Your Cleanroom!

    Whether you need a positive air pressure or negative air pressure cleanroom, an experienced cleanroom manufacturer and distributor, such as Liberty industries, can ensure the design, development, and delivery of a solution that meets your needs. At Liberty Industries, our experts have full working knowledge of the entire cleanroom design and construction process, from cleanroom materials and best practices to the HVAC equipment needed for different types of applications. We also offer a variety of cleanroom accessories and equipment, including shoe brush machines, Tacky Mats ® and air showers.

    No matter what type of cleanroom you need, we’re your one-stop shop to getting the perfect solution. For additional information about our cleanroom capabilities or to discuss your cleanroom specifications with one of our experts, contact us or request a quote today.




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