Using Cleanroom Technology for Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

The growing field of cannabis cultivation and processing presents a variety of unique challenges to industry professionals. After buying the necessary equipment and maneuvering through the bureaucratic red tape, cultivators must take steps to safeguard their crops from contaminants. In fact, crop safety is the largest liability for modern-day cannabis producers.

Growing cannabis is an exact science. Achieving optimal potency and consistency, researching differing strains, navigating different vegetative cycles, and producing cannabis in general all require unique and precise controls. Many growers successfully account resolve these challenges by basing the majority of their operations in cleanrooms.

Cannabis growers require a dry climate and precise temperature and humidity conditions to maximize their crops’ potential. Additionally, they must safeguard their crops from harmful contaminants like bacteria, insects, fungi, and airborne chemicals. This is why cleanroom technology is so essential to effective cannabis cultivation and processing.

Include an Air Shower

When considering the design of your cleanroom for cannabis cultivation and processing, it’s important to include an air shower. Air showers are necessary in the prevention of cross contamination of harmful particles that may adhere to clothing, such as spores and mildew. As these contaminants easily cling to clothing or garments, an air shower is a proper defense against these hazards in your processing rooms.

The process of an air shower’s functionality is simple. An individual will enter into one side of the shower as the other side is automatically sealed, effectively creating an air barrier. The air is then evacuated, filtered, and recirculated. A set of high-pressure air jets essentially “blast away” the particles from clothing, including cells, dandruff, or mucous, plus spores and mites.

Air showers available from Liberty Industries feature an HEPA filter which capture 99.99% of spores, bacteria, and pathogens at 0.3 micron or larger.

How Cleanroom Technology Benefits Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

cleanroom technology grow roomsMost cleanrooms implement standardized “class ratings” based on the amount of airborne particles allowed within a single cubic unit for air. Depending on industry and application, high particle counts may be more or less permissible, whereas more sensitive environments require more tightly controlled cleanrooms. Many cannabis facilities operate at ISO 7 (which allows no more than 10,000 particles per cubic meter), equivalent to the standard used in packaging rooms for noncritical medical devices.

Many cannabis cleanrooms maintain their environment through the effective use of wall panels. Traditional cleanroom wall paneling offers users total control over exterior room dimensions, which simplifies the room’s ability to adapt to changing needs. Many cannabis grow rooms use modular components to further tailor climate control and other factors so they could maximize effectiveness.

Advantages of Liberty Industries’ Cleanroom Technologies

Liberty Industries offers many value-added services for clients seeking highly efficient, low-stress grow rooms for their cannabis operations. We build cleanrooms in standard sizes, but we can also accommodate custom designs as needed. We can design, build, and custom engineer technology and parts to fit any application.

Our clients can choose between from hard wall, soft wall, and modular/portable cleanrooms, and we can set up the rooms on site for you. We also work closely with you to determine the proper HVAC design for your cleanroom. Every step of the process, from design and engineering to installation and consultation, is handled by our expert staff.

Liberty Industries’ cleanroom services benefit not only cannabis growers. Our cleanrooms see use across a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Aerospace/automotive manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Research labs
  • Animal labs
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Optical assembly
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • University classrooms and facilities
  • Injection molding
  • Plastics assembly
  • Ball bearings manufacturing
  • Printed circuit design
  • Computer rooms
  • Nanotech

Quality Cleanroom Equipment from Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries creates cleanrooms for clients in need of safe environments to conduct sensitive operations or grow valuable crops. Whether you seek standard sizes or custom designs, our team is well equipped to meet your needs. Our cleanroom builds comply with ISO #14644-1, #14644-2, and #14644-4 certifications and are manufactured exclusively in the United States.

If you would like to learn more about Liberty Industries’ cleanroom technologies, view our catalog or request a quote for more information today.


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