A New Item for Laboratories: the PureSeal Pass-Thru Unit

Since 1953, Liberty Industries has been in the business of designing, building, and perfecting new contamination control technologies and strategies. Through nearly six decades of careful and consistent effort, we have accumulated a time-tested track record in building products that assure the necessary contamination controls in work environments that require them. Products that started out as one-time, custom designs have developed gradually into whole lines with a host of specific applications.

One product line that we are especially proud of fabricating is our new PureSeal Pass-Thru series. Pass-thrus are an existing technology, and basically operate hand-in-hand with a PureSeal Pass-Thru Unitcleanroom. Pass-thrus are units that allow for products or materials like laboratory tools and medical instruments, as well as products being manufactured to “pass through” from a contaminated environment to a cleaner ISO 14644-1 specified cleanliness level. To that effect, we offer various pass-thrus that apply different shapes and/or sizes, as well as materials of construction, toward that overall goal.

Liberty’s PureSeal Pass-Thru is intended for use in such areas as research university and biotechnology laboratory settings. Applying lessons learned over many years, the PureSeal performs its task of keeping exterior contaminants away from the interior cleanroom environment. Comprised entirely of easy-to-disinfect, electropolished 304 stainless steel, and employing a custom monolithic PureSeal gasket that allows for steam cleaning, the PureSeal is uncompromising in terms of its protective ability. An isolated mechanical interlock adds one more line of contaminant separation, ensuring that the interior and exterior doors of the PureSeal can never be open at the same time.

Help us to do a better job in providing innovative, state of the art products for scientific research and development.  Feel free at any time to contact us with suggestions or just to let us know how you’ve applied our products to perform your job.

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