Cleanroom Garment Questions Answered

The garments worn in a cleanroom environment are as important as the cleanroom itself.  Liberty Industries is here to answer all of your cleanroom garment questions.

How are cleanroom garments designed?

Important factors when designing these garments are: loose fitting; a minimum of seams; no pockets, belts, pleated or tucked areas; tight fabric weave; strongest possible fabric filaments; Cleanroom garmentsfabric that reduces static electricity and remains non-linting; sewing threads of monofilament materials; they must cover as much of the body as possible, particularly the neck.

Are cleanroom garments “green?”

When washable, reuseable garments are chosen, they absolutely are. Nylon garments can be reused many times, even for the most stringent cleanroom environments, provided the requisite cleaning facilities and protocols are used. Choosing wash-friendly, durable, high-quality garments will ensure that your organization meets is sustainability and stewardship goals, even for the most exacting cleanroom requirements.

How are cleanroom garments laundered?

There are industrial laundries that are skilled at the cleaning of these garments.  As per industry standards, they are required to remove lint and particles in addition to cleaning the garments, and they must be completely free from contamination. Please note: it is not suitable to use everyday detergents for cleanroom garments. They must be brought to specialty cleanroom garment launderers.

What types of garments should be worn in a cleanroom?

Fabrics made with synthetic fibers are preferable.  Nylon is a good choice wherever acid and static are not a major factor, as it is crisp, durable, washable, and stain-resistant.  Dacron, a polyester fiber, is a bit softer than nylon and drapes more smoothly.  It retains whiteness and shape, and is highly wrinkle-resistant.  When a high acid resistance is necessary, Dacron is preferable because it melts rather than flames when exposed to fire.  When synthetic materials are needed for a cleanroom, a blend of continuous filament yarns, such as dacron and rayon weave, are a good choice.

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