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Keeping your Cleanroom Clean

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Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars designing and building the cleanroom but you can’t stop there. After the cleanrooms is completed it must be maintained properly. Cleanroom personnel must be made aware of the critical nature of keeping the cleanroom clean. It is essential that personnel are trained in proper cleaning and maintenance procedures […]

Understanding ISO Standards for Cleanrooms

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Although the revised ISO cleanroom standards have been in place for quite some time – well over 10 years, in fact – there remains the potential for confusion over terminology and nomenclature. In addition, it’s also important to keep in mind that, as with any specification or measurement, there are limitations with these standards. As […]

Clean Film Packaging Tips

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Anyone who uses a cleanroom knows that the process doesn’t end there. Items built in a contaminant-controlled environment need to be shipped and kept in a contaminant-controlled environment. Clean film packaging provides the answer to this problem, applying the same standards of cleanliness to the packaging as to the end product. Clean film packaging can […]

Cleanroom Garment Questions Answered

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The garments worn in a cleanroom environment are as important as the cleanroom itself.  Liberty Industries is here to answer all of your cleanroom garment questions. How are cleanroom garments designed? Important factors when designing these garments are: loose fitting; a minimum of seams; no pockets, belts, pleated or tucked areas; tight fabric weave; strongest […]

Outside The Cleanroom: The Importance of Air Showers

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Cleanrooms are great at maintaining a contaminant-controlled environment, with expertly engineered filtration systems, humidity and temperature controllers, and construction to ensure a totally contamination free workspace. Filters in the cleanroom can only do so much, though, and the job of keeping a cleanroom clean really starts well before anyone sets foot in it. The main […]

The Space Age with Liberty Industries

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This video from NASA shows some final steps in preparing spacecraft – everything from shuttles to satellites – to be launched into orbit. What is the most important part of this final check? The fact that it occurs in a cleanroom. As you know, there’s plenty of preparation for a person to enter a cleanroom […]

Effective Cleanroom Building: A “Don’t-Do-It-Yourself” Project

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There are some projects that just about anyone can do, with a trip to Home Depot, a weekend in the garage, and a familiarity around a toolbox.  But some tasks require a level of expertise and specialized knowledge that the layperson just does not possess. Yet in recent times, the “DIY” approach to designing almost […]

A New Item for Laboratories: the PureSeal Pass-Thru Unit

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Since 1953, Liberty Industries has been in the business of designing, building, and perfecting new contamination control technologies and strategies. Through nearly six decades of careful and consistent effort, we have accumulated a time-tested track record in building products that assure the necessary contamination controls in work environments that require them. Products that started out […]


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