The Space Age with Liberty Industries

This video from NASA shows some final steps in preparing spacecraft – everything from shuttles to satellites – to be launched into orbit. What is the most important part of this final check? The fact that it occurs in a cleanroom. As you know, there’s plenty of preparation for a person to enter a cleanroom as well: the Tacky Mat®, a shoe cleaner, a “bunny suit”, and an air shower. NASAAll of these steps appear in the video – and each of these products can be manufactured or supplied by Liberty Industries.

Of course, we’re pleased to be working with NASA, and the video did a great job of giving a quick and easy overview of the importance of cleanrooms. There’s a lot more to cleanroom protocol than what you can see in the video. From filtration units to laboratory equipment itself, there’s so much that goes into keeping the cleanroom clean, and Liberty can provide all of it. We take contamination control seriously, whether it’s for NASA, one of our Fortune 500 clients, or our next new customer, potentially you. Contact us with any further questions!

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